Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Egypt

Latakia, Tartous, Tripoli, Batroun, Jbeil, Beirut, Sidon, Tyre, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Gaza, Alexandria, Cairo

Painful road of the sea that all the empires wanted to master. From the dawn of time, men have threaded their way there, leaving Megiddo, one way or the other, the dust of their boots. Hellish to live there because everyone wants to go there, the region remembers all the writings. She does not forget any of her children.

Already stretching towards a divine city, humanity was one day dislocated there, knowing deep down that it would find itself there. On its corridors of ridges, valleys and shores, we oscillate from the cave of the refugee to the port of the fortunate. To some the faith of the patriarchs, to others the money of the vain. This is how East and West unite.